Relationship to the environment

Beautify our community; active outdoors; responsibly manage our waste; responsibly manage our water; responsively manage our energy.


Relationship to social and family wellbeing

Promote personal wellbeing; support strong Inuit identity; healthy families; food for everyone; housing for everyone; nurture creativity, play and sports; connect our community.


Relationship to a productive society

Everybody contributing; lifelong learning; designing our future community; mobility of people and goods; better communications technology; manage community emergencies; achieve our economic potential.


2014 Annual Progress Report ENG

2014 Annual Progress Report

It is a pleasure to launch this first Annual Progress Report of the Iqaluit ...
Part one, cover

FINAL PLAN Part One – Overview

Hourrah! The Iqaluit Sustainable Community Plan has been adopted by City Council ...
Part two, cover

FINAL PLAN Part Two – Action Plan

Hourrah! The Iqaluit Sustainable Community Plan has been adopted by City Council ...

Latest News

Looking for design support for high school welding project

The Inuksuk High School’s Grade 12 welding class is starting a project to create metal cigarette butt containers. We’re seeking some design support, to help the students develop designs that will work well outdoors.

Please contact Sustainability Coordinator, Robyn Campbell, if you’d be interested in sharing 2-3 hours of your time with students. You can send an email for details or discussion to r.campbell@city.iqaluit.nu.ca. Thanks!


The Paint Drop & Swap event at the blue City garage at Four Corners has been rescheduled to Saturday October 31, 2015 from 11am-2pm. To celebrate the event there will be a free BBQ, plus candy for those arriving in Halloween costume.

This event is being hosted by the City of Iqaluit to collect residents’ household hazardous waste (including paint, batteries, home electronics, and household chemical cleaning supplies), in an effort to divert these materials from their garbage.

The Paint Drop & Swap event offers the opportunity for residents to reuse paint through a free exchange. Residents who have paint can drop it off; people who want paint can take it home. Any remaining paint at the end of the event will be taken to the landfill for safe disposal.

This event is intended for residential household hazardous waste. Businesses are requested to take their corporate waste directly to the landfill for simplicity and for event safety. 

Throughout the year, the landfill accepts hazardous waste from residents and businesses during its opening hours, at a small cost. These materials are managed separately at the landfill, and are shipped to southern Canada for safe disposal.

Thanks to the partner involved in creating this event, Arctic Co-ops Ltd and the collaboration between the City of Iqaluit’s Department of Public Works and Engineering, Municipal Enforcement, and Sustainability.

POSTPONED Paint Drop & Swap – Saturday October 24, 2015 between 11AM-2PM

POSTPONED! The weather is bad and roads are getting worse. For safety’s sake, we are delaying this event. Please spread the word!

As part of Waste Reduction Week, the City of Iqaluit is hosting a household hazardous waste collection event.

Got old paint? Come drop it off. Want some paint? Come pick it up.

You can also drop off your old cleaning chemicals, electronic waste, and batteries.

When?       Saturday October 24, 2015 between 11am-2pm.

Where?      Four Corners @ the blue City garage.

Who?          You, and everybody else.

Why?          Because it’s good for our land, our families and our community.

Can’t make it?   Take your paint and household hazardous waste directly to the landfill during opening hours.

Respect our land. Keep it clean. Spread the word.

Waste Reduction Week is October 19-25, 2015

Iqaluit is celebrating Waste Reduction Week again this year. From October 19-25 we’ll be highlighting ways to reduce, reuse, recycle, rethink and repair.

As a pre-celebration on Saturday October 17:

  • The Friends of the Iqaluit Centennial Library are having a book sale ($5/bag).
  • There will be a flea market at the Anglican Parish Hall.

All week:

  • There will be displays at Northmart and Arctic Ventures Marketplace to promote environmentally-friendly products.
  • Students in school classrooms will be introduced to Waste Reduction Week.
  • There will be posters around town with ideas about how to reduce your waste.

On the weekend:

  • The Piviniit Thrift Store (building 655) will have a stuff-a-bag sale ($5/bag) on Thursday and Friday from 6-8:30pm, and Saturday from 10am-4:30pm.
  • The City of Iqaluit will host a “Paint Drop & Swap” to drop off your old paint or swap paint. Too, you can drop off your old cleaning chemicals, electronic waste and batteries and we’ll dispose of them safely. Join in between 11am-2pm on Saturday October 24, at the blue City garage located at Four Corners. 

Please help be part of the solution. Respect our land. Keep it clean. Reduce your waste. 

BONUS! Two related items from the Government of Nunavut:

Play in this: http://www.hazardouswasteinnunavut.ca/ 

Watch this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQMntuiO1rA   

A reminder to clean your water tank

Homeowners on trucked water services should clean and disinfect the water tank every year for health. Cleaning and disinfecting your water tank is necessary to protect your family’s health. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to have the tank cleaned, by hiring a professional or doing it yourself.

You can hire a professional to clean and disinfect your water tank for you. This service can cost you several hundred dollars. If you want to clean and disinfect a tank yourself, it’s important you learn and prepare in advanceSafety comes first! Never enter into a confined space. If you cannot do it yourself safely, please hire a professional.

Learn more about how to clean your water tank: click here for more information.